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itdrewitself is an independent creative agency specialising in content production and creative direction.


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Over 18 weeks we documented the 20,000km journey of a single Harley Davidson motorcycle across Europe. While on the road we published a daily journal of photography, social content and fortnightly videos, sharing the stories of the various riders that joined in this incredible journey.

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Out Here

Produced with support from Generator Hostels. Out Here is an online magazine documenting hidden and unusual stories from cities across Europe. Each edition combines photography, video and editorial design to bring each story to life.

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Music Rooms

A series of live music performances shared as a video series and downloadable recordings available on youtube and soundcloud.

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RSPCA: Everyday Heroes

As part of the RSPCA’s Everyday heroes campaign we were asked to produce a short video portrait on one of the RSPCA’s inspectors. Our video tells the story of Trevor Walker and the daily challenges he faces in the name of animal welfare. 


In 2012 Australian street artist Reka was travelling through Europe in the hope of finding somewhere to call home. As he passed through London we managed to spend a few days with him talking about his process, roots, and artworks. Produced in collaboration with Very Nearly Almost.

Dallas Guild: The Great Unknown

A short film on Dallas Guild recording ‘The Great Unknown’ at Miloco studios.