Our Work

Greenpeace Christmas Ad

We wrote and directed an ambitious script to help Greenpeace shine a light on the huge amount of plastic waste produced by the world’s biggest soft drinks producers, Coca-Cola, as part of their Ocean Plastics campaign.

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Sing it with Roses

We celebrate World gratitude day with Cadbury and Lucy Rose. Working alongside Hoi Polloi and Fallon we produced a content film and 21 video tweets over the course of three days.

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Finding Grilltopia

Itdrewitself were commissioned to develop and produce Hellmann’s global summer campaign, Finding Grilltopia, to accompany the release of a new range of BBQ and grilling sauces.

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Discover More 2015

We continue our collaboration with Harley Davidson EMEA to develop a content campaign to promote their touring line.

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Google Street Art Project

We created two videos and a series of live content to accompany the launch of the award winning Google Street Art Project.

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Music Rooms

Something we made just for us. A series of live music performances shared as videos and downloadable tracks. Everything by itdrewitself. Apart from the music, of course.

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Out Here

Produced with support from Generator Hostels. Out Here is an online magazine documenting hidden and unusual stories from cities across Europe. Each edition combines photography, video and editorial design to bring each story to life.

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Discover More 2014

Over 18 weeks we documented the 20,000km journey of a single Harley Davidson motorcycle across Europe, producing a daily journal of photography, social content and fortnightly videos…

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