Bookshelf: Alec Soth & Brad Zeller’s ‘Georgia’

Bookshelf: Alec Soth & Brad Zeller’s ‘Georgia’
March 15, 2015 Pro

On a recent visit to Silverprint we picked up the latest (and final) edition in Alec Soth and Brad Zeller’s series of mock newspapers – The LBM Dispatch. The collaboration between renowned magnum photographer and writer present weird and idiosyncratic stories from rural America.

Printed on black & white newsprint, ‘Georgia’ is an intriguing observation of the seemingly banal. It’s a fascinating and beautiful  piece of work. Easily worth the twenty odd pounds we paid for it. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to find copies of this or previous editions of the LBM dispatch. That is, if we haven’t gotten there first.


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