Bookshelf / the Comix Reader

Bookshelf / the Comix Reader
July 28, 2016 creesy


“I have a very small penis but it dispenses the most delicious espresso!”

Robot by Lord Huck, ‘The Comix Reader’ Issue 4

During a recent after-work visit to Peckham public house The Hope, we picked up a few copies of the comix reader. Newspaper in size and Edited by Richard Cowdry of Berlin, it compiles a series of cartoon strips and illustrations that can only help but stir memories of the Beano. Inside, it features a variation of cartoonists and illustrators mostly based in London or the UK.

Each issue offers an array of styles, some quick witted and humorous, others short and sweet. Hurk explains why our headphones are always in a tangle, a vengeful pig breaks into your room at night, eats them and passes them out the other end on your bedroom floor. Others focus more on political satire and some completely out of this world. Whatever your taste though, Cowdry manages to balance each of the comix reader with something for everyone to enjoy.

Check out some more of the Comix Reader or even buy a copy 


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