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Bookshelf / FUET.
July 11, 2016 creesy

“Eating is a politcal act”

FUET. gives a platform for it’s contributors to tackle issues on the morals and politics of food. The current issue of the bi-annual magazine really offers food for thought, and in more ways than one. It takes on an interesting dynamic, combining food with politics – a connection which at first doesn’t seem obvious. However with the opening of its news-style, uncoated pages revealing “EATING IS A POLITICAL ACT” it’s articles and clever imagery continually reinforce this.

After making your way through this gem, you’ll wonder how eating can be anything BUT a political act. There’s plenty in here to bring you down and you’ll start to question everything you put in your mouth after a dose of this.Some remedies are offered in the form of a self-sufficiency guide and it’s stunning visuals. A personal favourite is the Adbusters spread that subverts the marketing behind the food we eat and turns them into political parodies.


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