Day 1 / Jordan

Day 1 / Jordan
May 5, 2014 Pro

We arrived in Jordan at 12.05am local time after a 5 hour flight from Heathrow. Despite us being the only people waiting for a taxi, it took the whole taxi rank of drivers to work out how they were going to fit us and our gear into 2 cars. It was a surreal ride through the outskirts of Amman into the old town, passing strangely illuminated trees and isolated garages surrounded by piles of tyres wrapped in blue foil. Our first hotel for this 131 day trip turned out to be a hostel. The kind of hostel you might stay in on Khoasan Road in Bangkok. It was late so we decided to swap in the morning.


Our first day in Jordan was a hot one and we all decided to wear white t-shirts, too, so we looked like a bad, sweaty, boyband. We got some looks. Despite this everyone we spoke to were incredibly friendly. A cafe owner asked us to join him and share lunch, because we were looking for food and he only served drinks.


Tomorrow we’re meeting our first dream rider and preparing for the first leg down through Jordan valley towards the dead sea. We’re definitely in feet first but we couldn’t be more excited to get going.


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    Adam Amari 4 years ago

    Sounds like you guys are going to experience life on a real!! Looking forward to your next installment.. Keep it coming.

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