Day 2 / Jordan

Day 2 / Jordan
May 5, 2014 Jake Chuchill

Today we went to visit the Royal Jordanian Automobile Museum. We entered through a strange military compound which included the Jordanian Children’s Museum. We then remembered the museum was full of the Royal Family’s cars and so the armed guards were understandable, if not entirely justified. If I were King of Jordon, I’d probably have a whole museum dedicated to my many cars and motorbikes too. Although it would perhaps only be a collection of bicycles. Two bicycles.

We were taken around the museum by the first of the dream riders for the tour, who happens to be a French chef who relocated to Jordan 16 years ago. Claude grew up in Lyon and was taught to ride a motorbike at an early age. All his family ride motorbikes, mostly Harley’s, and he sees biking as a way of life rather than a way of getting from A to B.

Claude now considers himself a Jordanian and after the tour of the museum he took us to the Harley dealership that he runs, the only dealership in Jordan. Together with the guys from Harley we went over the route for Jordan and after some negotiations with the Jordanian customs we finalised the route for the next three days.


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