Day 3-4 / Amman to Petra

Day 3-4 / Amman to Petra
May 7, 2014 Pro

Yesterday we embarked on a roundtrip towards Panorama, the Dead Sea and back to Amman. Today we had a much longer trip planned as we followed a Harley Davidson Street glide for the first leg of Discover More. Our driver Zeid is a good friend of Claude’s and has been ferrying us around the last two days in his 7 seater Landcruiser, which we filled to the rafters. It didn’t take long for us to warm to his laid back attitude and breakneck driving. Not to mention Louis shared a common love for Gangster rap.

This morning Zeid collected us the crack of dawn – a brutal 4.30 wake up call for 5.30 start as we headed off towards new landmarks including Jordan’s ‘Hot Springs’ and Shobak Castle. A remarkable but exhausting 10 hour road trip concluded in Petra. Tomorrow we head out to explore the Rose City…


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