Day 5 / Petra to Aqaba

Day 5 / Petra to Aqaba
May 10, 2014 Pro

The morning of Day 5 was planned to explore Petra. A place made familiar to the four of us through Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We where all pretty excited to have an opportunity to shoot inside. Our start was delayed by heavy rain and thunder and at first we were told that entry wouldn’t be possible because of harsh flooding. Claude wasn’t having any of it. Less than an hour later he had managed to pull some strings and get us in through the back of the city. Once inside we rigged up the C300 and filmed up some general views then grabbed an interview with Claude. His passion for Jordan is remarkable and we conversations with him are invigorating, making us want to explore and discover more of this small but beautiful country.


We hastily left Petra as risks of flash floods were imminent. This time we exited through the front of the city, filming off the back of a pickup as it drove up stream through a river of rain water that flowed back in. We rattled about in the back, trying our best to capture footage and stills. Afterwards headed back to the hotel to quickly regroup, dry out our shoes and grab some snacks for the road. Then onto Wadi Walla. Today a Beduin name Samir was leading the charge, joined by the a group of Harley riders from Amman. The ride was another incredible route past picturesque landscapes. The weather had been quickly shifting. First from ominous grey skies and then onto clear blue. By now we’d found a rhythm, shooting in Zeid’s land cruiser, hanging out the sunroof with the BeSteady or straight our the back with the top half of the boot wide open. We’d developed a crude but effective technique for switching seats or manoeuvring equipment around. It could get hairy at times, especially on the bumpy, pot riddled back roads up the mountain, but so far we’ve managed to survive with minimal bumps and bruises.


The destination in Wadi Walla was a Bedouin resort where we would grab lunch before picking up some shots on a landing strip further out towards the surrounding mountain range. A sandstorm had stirred up and we had to wait it out before driving through a half mile of desert to reach the tarmac where we would film. It was expected to be a quick shoot before heading onto to Aqabar but it didn’t quite work out that way. The rain had softened the desert floor, turning it into thick, binding mud. From a distance it appeared sturdy enough, but as Zeid powered across we quickly found ourself stuck, waiting to be rescued by the local Bedouins. After a long day it could have been demoralising but everyone was in high sprits and enjoyed a rare experience. Of all the places to be stranded we definitely could have done worse.


Two hours later and we were back on the road, headed to Aqaba where we would stop off for the weekend. Sunday evening we take a ferry to Egypt and carry on our first leg to Romania.


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    ammo Zeid 4 years ago

    lolololololololololol…. crack up every time I remember the whole ordeal, ma boys… what an adventure… miss you guys… cheers 🙂

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