Days 32 – 38 Hungary to Austria

Days 32 – 38 Hungary to Austria
June 25, 2014 Pro

We crossed the Romanian border into Hungary and made our way to our first accommodation for the new leg. For the first time on our journey we were left with the bike and keys and instructed to wait for the next rider who was to arrive that evening. Louis had to guard the keys to the bike while Juan and Pro begged to sit on the bike like a pair of eight year olds. When the new rider turned up the next day we gave him the keys and set out to Austria and our first days off in 10 days. We were starting to get into a rhythm as a production team, both photography and video production running smoothly. However, describing us as a well oiled machine might be a bit of an overstatement and hanging out of car windows isn’t recommended for your body or your camera equipment.

When we made it to Austria we had a couple of well deserved and hard earned days off. We had been booked into an amazingly 70’s flat in an alpine chalet. Along with the sexy padding on the inside of the front door, we had a massive balcony with an awesome view of hills, horses and trees. We made the most of our days off by cooking something healthy for the first time in weeks and playing poker with pistachio shells. Jake has an excellent poker face and Louis goes out first every time. On our last day in paradise Pro and Juan decided to drive into the hills to find somewhere to hike while Jake and Louis recovered from their second run of the weekend. Their recovery was abruptly interrupted by an excited call from Juan and Pro who had found a SWIMMING LAKE!!! Needless to say we spent the rest of the day there.

The next few days were spent travelling through the rest of Austria, including going over the Grossglockner road, before crossing into Italy for some more Alpine fun and hopefully some amazing food.


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