Days 70-76 / France to UK

Days 70-76 / France to UK
August 16, 2014 Pro

When we entered France for the second time in as many weeks, we were all too aware that this leg of the journey would be ending up in UK. And the first stop would be London which meant we could all stay at home (albeit for a couple of nights only). FUCKING LONDON! We were excited but first we had to travel from just inside the Spanish border, in San Sebastian, to Calais. For the whole of the (second) French leg we had with us an intern from Harley-Davidson France’s headquarters. Adrien was a slight, well dressed 25 year old with sharp sunglasses and a Norse Projects cap. He was also an absolute dude. He had the unenviable task of plotting the entire route, coordinating all the different riders, and dealing with us four but took it all in his stride. He even joined in on our sophisticated car games, like when you make a ring with your thumb and forefinger, hold it below your waist and make someone look at it. If they do you can punch them. We know how to pass the time.

At this point, its difficult for me to remember exactly where we have been and what happened, where. Maybe it was because all we could think of was going home, temporarily, but France was a particular blur. However, here is a run down: we visited a beach, mastered packing the Jeep (no easy task), got the mighty Jeep stuck on a small mound (freed with the use of a speed limit sign), found precious little by the way of vegetarian food (philistines), played patball/slapball incessantly (great game, look it up), and went on the channel tunnel.

Arriving in the UK was a blurry mix of excitement and confusion. We were delighted to see and speak to people who understood us but also terrified of having to interact with them on a normal social level, having been protected by our Jeep bubble with only each other to talk to for so long. This sense of disorientation wasn’t helped by the first day of the UK leg being a trip to Zip World in North Wales to go zip-lining with ex-England Rugby Union captain Mike Tindall. One of the stranger days on the tour.

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