Discover More preperation

Discover More preperation
May 3, 2014 Pro

Phew. It’s been a hectic week as we prepared for a 4 month tour documenting Harley Davidson’s Discover More campaign. Today we fly out with backpacks stuffed with hard drives, slide film and a handful of cameras, just for good measure. It’s an exciting project  and we couldn’t be more excited to get started!


We’ve tried to take a lean approach to our kit list. In spite of that it’s over 170 items long and includes a few new toys, including a set of binaural microphones we’re dying to try out. Our main video camera is the awesome Canon C300. Insanely good image quality and small file sizes make it perfect for this type of project. A couple of Black Magic Pocket Cameras will be used as B cams and rigging up to our BeSteady One. GoPro hooked us up and we have 2 GoPro Here 3+ Black cameras and a sack full of clamps.


For photography we’ll be using a Canon 5D MkII and Jake’s bringing along his trusty Canon 1DC as a backup. It’s a beast but it could survive a bomb blast. We also picked up a few VSCO filter packs to make photo editing a little faster. We’ll be producing a lot of content throughout the tour and anything that can help us save time is a big deal.


Ok, so that’s enough kit porn for now. We fly out this afternoon and we’ll try to keep up the journal along the way. If you like the look of the campaign head over to the Discover More website and sign up for updates.


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