Finding Grilltopia / BTS / London

Finding Grilltopia / BTS / London
July 26, 2016 creesy

We were commissioned by Hellmann’s to produce their global summer campaign, Finding Grilltopia. This included travelling to the Americas and parts of Europe to uncover the craft and skill behind producing quality BBQ. 

We started our journey on a frosty morning in the outskirts of North West London to meet with “Lord Logs” Mark Parr. From his vast wood collections, Mark supplies top restaurants around the UK with subtle flavours of apple, cherry, orange and pear wood. We were shown around his mountains of wood that looked glorious in the warmth of morning light. Adrian, owner and chef of Mama’s Jerk combines his grandmas recipes with a custom built smoker and grill to create authentic and wholesome flavours. He soaks his wood in pimento water to produce truly authentic Jerk aromas.

Over in Haggerston, Josh Katz’s at Berber & Q is able to transform a dull cauliflower into a middle-eastern treat using a grill, tahini, chilli, a few herbs and spices and some log flavourings. Finally, we saw Neil Rankin at his Chiltern Firehouse restaurant. Neil likes to”keeping it moving,” never letting his steak settle on the grill. The results were truly incredible and he’s made himself a name as one of the finest (and moodiest) chefs in London.