August 19, 2016 creesy

1. Sony FS7 Camera
Our A camera, Super 35, E-Mount

4. Zacuto Z-DRV follow-focus
Unique, universal direct drive follow focus designed for a single operator

7. Zacuto Gratical HD EVF
5.4 million pixel micro-OLED display, high quality precision optics with a built in diopter

10. Wooden Camera Magic Arm
Articulating arm with NATO standard quick release and clamp on each end

13. Vision Blue tripod head
LF drag technology for silky smooth movement and precise framing

16. Seinnheiser ME-64 w/ Shock mount
Cardioid shotgun-microphone w/ mount to remove and nullify vibrations affecting the microphone

2. EF-E Metabones adapter
True electronic integration of aperture diaphragm

5. Zacuto Tornado
Connects to the Zacuto Z-Drive, perfect for single operator shoulder mounted work

8. Zacuto top handle
Recoil Handle is a quick-release top handle with multiple accessory mounting options

11. Wooden Camera base plate
Universal Baseplate provides lightweight 15mm rod support at correct lens height for nearly all camera systems

14. Miller tripod Legs
2-Stage telescoping SOLO DV carbon fibre tripod is designed for the single operator

3. Zeiss Compact Prime
Compact and Lightweight, 14 blade aperture lens

6. Zacuto top handle
quick-release top handle that works with any Z-Rail and provides two cold shoe accessory mounts

9. 502 Small HD monitor
5-inch LCD On-Camera Field Monitor with SDI/HDMI inputs and Outputs

12. Kessler Kwick release
incredibly secure and easy to use camera and gear mounting platform featuring solid billet aluminum and stainless steel construction

15. Arri MMB-2 Matte box w/ Tiffen ND .6 .9 1.2
Lightweight clip-on matte box, with 15mm rod support
Neutral density filter to adjust light reaching camera sensor

This is our Sony FS7 in full shooting set-up. It’s the main camera on all of our projects and although it looks like a bit like Frankenstein’s monster, it serves our needs perfectly. Along with our favourite set of lenses, it’s the first piece of kit on the checklist. Our shooting style has developed over the last couple of projects and the rig has developed with us and, hopefully, we won’t be making any additions to it any time soon. We often shoot in a fast-paced documentary style, capturing things as they unfold. We still put a lot emphasis on the quality of the visuals so we use Zeiss CP Primes on all our projects. This is probably a bit unconventional and can, at times, be a pain in the arse when you’re shooting doco and want a longer lens, but you just can’t beat the image the FS7/Zeiss combo gives you.

Generally we shoot at 25fps, in S-log 3 @ 4K
Native ISO of 2000
2 white balance presets of 3200K and 5500K
Shooting to 2 x 128GB XQD cards

Zeiss CP.2 Set: