• Day 2 / Jordan

    Today we went to visit the Royal Jordanian Automobile Museum. We entered through a strange military compound which included the Jordanian Children’s Museum. We then remembered the museum was full of the Royal Family’s cars and so the armed guards were understandable, if not entirely justified.

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  • Day 1 / Jordan

    We arrived in Jordan at 12.05am local time after a 5 hour flight from Heathrow. Despite us being the only people waiting for a taxi, it took the whole taxi rank of drivers to work out how they were going to fit us and our gear into 2 cars.

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  • Discover More preperation

    Phew. It’s been a hectic week as we prepared for a 4 month tour documenting Harley Davidson’s Discover More campaign. Today we fly out with backpacks stuffed with hard drives, slide film and a handful of cameras, just for good measure. It’s an exciting project and we couldn’t be more…

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